Types of Orthotics

Range Of Orthotic Services We Provide

Orthotic Consultants are able to assess/ prescribe and fit a whole array of different types of orthotics depending on the condition we are treating.  All items can range from stock to custom made orthotics which is why you should see an orthotist before purchasing any orthotic.

Types of orthotics can range as follows


Can help alleviate foot/ankle/knee/hip and back pain. Generally provided for patients who have flat feet, high arch feet, pronated feet, painful feet/ankles/knees and arthritic feet alongside certain types of foot disorders. They can be made to accommodate or correct the diagnosed condition and can be made from a range of materials.

Orthotic consultants also offers a 3D printed express service for custom made insoles.  In effect you can have your custom made insoles printed within two hours following your assesment appointment.


Generally provided to patient who have high risk feet (diabetics) or those who require specialist footwear due to abnormal feet shape/size and can be made of different styles and materials/linings.

Can be made in:

  • Wide fittings
  • Deep fittings
  • Custom made to measure fittings
  • Made to accommodate orthotic insoles
  • Footwear made for swollen feet

Ankle Braces

Can help with supporting ankles that often suffer from a twisting injury or arthritic conditions and can be made to accommodate or correct the problem.

Can be custom made or off the shelf, depending on the severity of the condition being treated.  This can range from simple ankle sprain prevention braces to more severe arthritic related braces.

Knee Braces

Can help reduce rate of arthritic knee wear and reduce pain, support the knee joint after sporting injuries and provide general knee stability for different knee issues (ligament injuries/ cartilage tears).

There are many different types of knee braces which are designed for different levels of support or offloading.  They are proven to help with issues with osteoarthritis. There are also ligament specific braces.

Different sporting activities require specific knee braces which are designed to support or offload a specific area of the knee joint.

Spinal braces

Can be fitted following fractures of the neck and spine or spinal related issues. Patients with spinal injuries and fractures are usually provided with a rigid brace and these are often fitted in hospital following the injury.  Spinal jackets are also used for scoliosis or kyphosis.

Orthotic consultants offers a change and clean facility for patients with spinal fractures.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFO)

Otherwise known as a full length calliper this can be provided for patients with a weak lower limb. Can aid standing and walking when without the device the patient would be unable to walk.

These devices can be made to be automatically locked or free jointed, depending on the condition we are trying to treat.  They can be made from ridged plastic or can be designed to be made from carbon fibre which can drastically reduce the weight of the device.

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)

Can be provided in many different formats including cosmetic versions, carbon fibre light-weight versions and plastic versions. Generally provided for patients who suffer from drop foot from a stroke or children who require splints to walk (cerebral palsy).

These devices range from stock to custom made and can also be designed to accommodate foot and ankle deformities.

Head and Neck braces

Can be provided for neck fractures or conditions such as head drop. Collars generally range from soft collars to hard plastic versions and these are all designed to help with different medical conditions.

Helmets can also be provided for children and adults with learning disabilities who tend to head bang or those who have seizures to prevent injuries to the skull.  These devices can range from stock to made to measure and occasionally critical design is required to protect sections of missing skull following a procedure like a craniectomy.

Shoe raises for uneven leg lengths (Leg Length Discrepancy)

Can be provided following confirmation of uneven leg lengths. This can happen following surgery for a hip replacement or knee replacement or following severe lower leg fractures and conditions like scoliosis.

The raise can be added to the inside or outside of a shoe dependent on the height required.  We can take your own footwear and adapt it with the correct height adjusted to the sole unit to ensure that you are walking level. They can be made to look quite cosmetic by splitting half the height required inside the footwear and half on the outside of the sole unit.

Carbon fibre lightweight splints (All types)

Orthotic consultants specialises in splints made of carbon fibre and can range from an AFO/KAFO/KNEE/HIP brace. These can be designed with minimal material and different levels of flexibility to allow support of varying levels of function.

Carbon fibre is advantageous as due to the very light weight and high strength ratio they can prove to save patients energy expenditure and therefore allow longer walking distances.  They are also less bulky than more traditional manufacturing methods. Most polio patients with carbon fibre devices tend to benefit from the advantages that carbon offers.

Carbon fibre splints of all kinds range from stock to made to measure items.


Corsets and Back Supports

Can be provided for patients suffering from lower back pain and also conditions that cause the head and neck to lean forward (Kyphosis). You may also require a corset to control a hernia.

Back supports are usually made of fabric and have metal work positioned inside them to help increase support.

Corsets can also be used to help control abdominal hernias.

Orthopaedic Children’s Boots and insoles

Can be provided for support to feet and ankles in children who have foot problems. Flat feet, hypermobility and toe walking are common examples.

There are many different styles and versions of footwear that can be purchased and these include footwear with laces/ velcro, school shoes, sports and casual footwear.

Orthopaedic footwear can also be designed with customised insoles that provide maximum support for the patient.

Pavlic Harness for babies (Fitting and change to clean child)

Can be fitted to babies who are born with an inadequately formed hip joint. They will usually need to wear a harness for a lengthy period of time to allow the hip joint to fully form.

Orthotic consultants offer a change and clean facility for this service.

Orthopaedic walker boots for foot and ankle fractures

Can be supplied following injury or trauma to the foot or ankle which involves a fracture. These will be usually be worn for a period of time until the fracture has healed. Can be supplied following removal of Plaster of Paris to allow natural progression of weight through the lower limb.

We can also supply customised arch supports/ insoles for orthopaedic walker boots. This can be beneficial for patients who have mechanical foot problems or at risk diabetic feet.  Walker boots can also offload certain aspects of the foot when designed with a custom insole.

These can also be supplied following surgery of the foot and ankle to promote natural healing and natural weight progression.

Other Orthotics

Hip braces

Can be provided following a hip dislocations and recurrent relocation after surgery. This helps prevent further dislocations from occurring.

Wrist braces
Can be provided for wrist support from sporting injuries or conditions like carpel tunnel syndrome.
Finger and toe supports

Can be provided for Hammer toes/Clawed toes along with deformities of the hands and fingers. Soft gel toe covers and sleeves can also be provided.

Elbow bracing
Can be provided following surgery to the elbow and following injury or trauma in conditions like tennis elbow.
Shoulder bracing
Can be provided following surgery or after dislocations of the shoulder joint.
Lycra Garments

Can be provided to help support the body and can be made into a suit to cover the whole body and provide different levels of support to different segments of the body.  Often supplied for children with cerebral palsy.

Silicone Foot and Ankle Orthoses (SAFO)
Can be supplied for drop foot and can be very cosmetic.
Trusses for hernia’s

We can measure and fit trusses for inguinal and testicular hernia’s.

Plaster of paris body moulding and 3D moulds

Orthotic consultants can provide a plaster of paris mould customised to any body part. This can be provided as a simple plaster cast or an actual 3 dimensional handmade plaster of paris mould.