Debbie, Central London

“I came to see Zishan after having ongoing ankle pain for over 3 years that nobody could explain. Zishan clearly reported his findings in a logical way what he noted and resulted in making me a pair of custom 3D printed orthotics with a funny tilt on the base. My ankle pain soon settled and I can’t thank Zishan enough. The service provided was on a different level from start to finish”

Martin, Bedfordshire

“I have been having AFO splints made since I was a child in NHS clinics and often suffered with poor fitting splints which effected my walking. I saw Zishan and the splints he provided have changed my life to the point where I am now able to run with my new carbon splints, which was impossible previously. The service provided was amazing and zishan ensured I fully understood what the issues were and then prescribed the best splints I have ever had. I won’t go anywhere else”

Aashray, North West London

“Luckily found Orthotic consultants online after a Google search for a referral for insoles from my NHS orthopaedic consultant. The nhs wait list for orthotics was about 6 months. Zishan assessed and fitted my 3D printed insoles within 2 hours of seeing me and has helped resolve my issue altogether. My entire family are now under his outstanding care” 

Anonymous, London

“I play at professional level football and have always suffered with foot issues and injuries. My new orthotics made by Orthotic Consultants have not only resolved my foot pain but has actually kept me injury free for 3 seasons now and I am constantly breaking my personal best records. All from a insole in my shoe. Honestly blown away by the technology and care shown by Zishan and his team”