Fees and pricing

An explanation of the fees, charges and how Orthotic Consultants works


First an orthotic assessment is booked so the orthotist can assess your requirements. The assessment appointment is charged at fixed fee of £199.

Assessment appointment is: £199
Fitting appointment is: £99
Review appointment is: £75


Once assessed, the orthotist will advise what orthotics would best suit your needs, and the goods will be ordered. 
The cost for the orthotics are independent to the assessment fee and will be confirmed via email after the assessment appointment.
 Prior to ordering the goods we will require written confirmation the patient is happy with the cost and wishes to proceed. This is done as we don’t know what orthotics you require until you have been assessed.
 Once confirmation is received the goods will be ordered. 
If we don’t feel we can provide any orthotic help we will advise you accordingly and there will only be a one off assessment charge. 


Once the orthotics arrive a second appointment is booked to carry out a fitting for the orthotics.
 This is done to ensure the orthotics fit correctly and also to talk you through how to use them correctly. The fitting appointment is charged at a fixed fee of £99.


Review appointments are charged at a fixed fee of £75. This is usually done to check your orthotics are still working ok for you and if any changes (growth for children) then renewals can be arranged. 
We recommend 6 month review for children and annual review for adults. Review appointments are also advised if you are having any issues with your current orthotics.


Appointment cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are still charged at 50% of the full rate for the appointment fee that is missed. If more than 24 hours notice is provided to cancel there will be no charge.

Final Points

We will send you an invoice and request confirmation that you are happy to proceed before any goods are ordered so you will know exactly what the costs are and have the final invoice to hand. 

Payment would be required at the final fitting appointment in the forms of cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer to the account details which can be found on your invoice.

By booking an online appointment you are agreeing, as the patient, that they have read and understood the above details and confirm you have the time, date and location for their appointment. The patient has also fully understood the associated costs as per the breakdown above and will receive a follow up email with a final invoice which they must approve before the goods will be ordered. 

They are also agreeing to any late cancellation fees. 

Note, all goods remain the products of Orthotic Consultants Ltd until full payment has been received in our account in full.

Please could we request that you have any relevant medical information including any reference to orthotic needs/referrals to hand at the time of your orthotic assessment. 

It may also be advisable to wear a pair of shorts on the day of your orthotic appointment to allow the orthotist to carry out a full lower leg biomechanical examination.