Custom orthotics are specialised medical devices designed to support and align biomechanical problems within the body. These devices are made to meet the specific needs of each individual and can be prescribed by a qualified orthotist. Here we’re exploring the benefits of custom orthotics and why they’re the most suitable solution for most health concerns. Orthotic Consultants provides custom orthotics in London, for patients with a range of health needs.

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

There are several benefits to using custom orthotics. Firstly, they can provide relief from foot pain caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and bunions. They can also improve foot and ankle alignment, which can help to reduce the risk of injuries such as sprains and fractures. Additionally, custom orthotics can improve balance and stability, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals who are at risk of falls. Orthotics also include devices such as neck braces to support patients recovering from injury.

Appointments for Custom Orthotics in London

If you have a medical problem that requires additional support, your first step should be to consult a orthotist. They will perform a thorough assessment of your body’s function and biomechanisms and may use diagnostic imaging to determine the extent of your condition.

If you need custom orthotics, your orthotist will take a mould using a special casting material. This mould will be used to create a custom-made orthotic that is tailored to the shape and contours of your body. Most commonly this will be for the feet or lower limbs.

The inserts are usually made from materials such as foam, rubber, or plastic. They may also include additional features such as arch support or a metatarsal pad. Once the insert is ready, you will need to try it on and test its fit and comfort. Your orthotist can make any necessary adjustments at this stage to ensure the insert provides optimal support and comfort.

It is important to note that custom orthotics can take several weeks to produce, so it is important to be patient throughout the process. However, the wait is worth it as custom orthotics can provide significant relief from pain and support better mobility and functioning.

Costs and Availability

Custom orthotics are not usually available through the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Patients will usually need to pay for them privately. The cost of custom orthotics can vary depending on the materials used and the complexity of the design, but patients can expect to pay several hundred pounds for a pair of custom-made inserts.

Custom orthotics can only be provided by a trained orthotist.

Appointments for Custom Orthotics in London

Custom orthotics can be a highly effective treatment option for individuals experiencing pain or medical conditions that require additional external support. Our team can help design the right orthotic for your needs. Get in touch to discuss an initial appointment.