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Orthotics can make life easier, more manageable, and less painful.

There are off-the-shelf orthotics available in stores and online, but the level of quality and results they deliver do not match custom designed devices. Orthotic Consultants provide custom made orthotics in London. Patients can visit our clinic, have their injury or condition assessed, and then we can custom design the right orthotic device for your needs.

Custom design is key for an effective orthotic, as it is specifically moulded to your body and your requirements. Off-the-shelf orthotics may provide some temporary relief, but they will not fully solve the problem. We provide custom made orthotics in London for patients with a range of problems and for sportspeople too. Let’s explore the benefits of custom orthotics.

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How can Orthotic Consultants help?

As the name suggests, custom made orthotics are unique to the individual.

Custom orthotics are a much more suitable choice than an off-the-shelf alternative because they are designed to suit your needs. Custom orthotics fully address the biomechanical issues a patient is experiencing, managing pain more effectively and helping to correct any deformity or malformation they’re designed to treat.

What are the benefits of custom made orthotics?

Custom made orthotics help to alleviate pain and correct deformities in different areas of the body. They are most commonly used for foot and leg issues but also spinal injuries and conditions. Orthotics can correct or support a range of biomechanical problems within your body and visiting a consultant orthotist helps to ensure you get the most suitable solution for your circumstances.

Custom made orthotics can be provided by a trained orthotist. Orthotists are trained and professionally qualified to assess your body and fit the required orthotic. They must carry out specialist training and use this to help fit the correct orthotics for patients.

At your appointment, the orthotist will fully assess your problem and then look at the most appropriate solutions. They will take measurements to ensure a well-fitting custom made orthotic and arrange a follow up appointment so the orthotic can be fitted.

How do orthotics appointments work?

Once a patient has a referral to an orthotist, there are several appointments before the fitting.

Firstly, you will have an initial assessment, where the doctor will fully assess your lower limb, spine or wherever the issue lies. You need a full biomechanical examination to help decide the best orthotic for your needs.

Secondly, you will be called back for your orthotic casting appointment, essential for any orthotic that requires a plaster of Paris mould so it can be properly custom fitted to your body. The next appointment is the fitting appointment for your orthotic.

Our consultants also carry out regular reviews if you need them and this can be essential for adapting and adjusting the orthotic. Children should have a review every six months and adults should have a review every twelve months.